Wine brands have stories that go untold. Your brand will stand out among thousands of other competitors by learning how to tell your story through all you do.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for wine brands to market and communicate with customers. If you post images with stories and hashtags regularly, it will attract followers who may become customers. Brands that are well-versed in wine use Instagram to share engaging stories about their vineyards and winemakers. Learn how wineries use Instagram Stories, IGTV and Instagram Stories to share their stories and engage with followers. This will help increase their visibility with wine lovers and enotourists all over the globe.

How Instagram works

1. Your logos and stories should be placed at the top of each follower’s page. We are taught to look at the top of pages first. You can keep your followers in the top spot by posting more Instagram stories.

2. Stories are more engaging than posts, because they can be single photos or a series of photographs, or micro-movie reels.

3. Stories show the authentic side to your brand. Stories reveal the authentic side of your brand and business, which makes them more relatable to customers and followers.

4. Stories will allow your wine brand to receive free advertising on every follower page for 24 hours.

5. To share your messages and engage with more people, add text and music to story images.

6. Stories can be used as a call-to-action. You can link your Instagram page to all of the press, activities and websites using a Link Tree.

7. Use Instagram Live Stories to host interviews, demonstrations and seminars, as well as contests, roundtables, and other activities.

8. Instagram Post photos can be high-quality glossy representations of your brand. They are often curated with specific goals.

There are many ways to attract customers

Engage with customers and followers several times per week. You are the key to success on Instagram. You will increase your followers, loyalty, as well as potential customers by making Instagram Stories a regular part of your Instagram strategy.

You can find beautiful images on Instagram of delicious food and drinks from all around the globe. This is an easy way to learn about culture and cuisine. Instagram is a great place to find inspiration for food and wine lovers. Your Stories and Posts can help you become their inspiration

To convert your followers into customers, create Instagram-only promotions.

Be lighthearted, honest, have fun, laugh at your mistakes, be humorous, quick and real.

Be specific with your #hashtags, research SEO before you post. But don’t get too caught up in it.

Instagram Stories are a great way to celebrate anniversaries, holidays, successes, and other milestones. Your customers and followers will feel like they are part of your family.

Show your struggles and hardships. Everybody knows what it’s like to fail or fall. Take your customers and followers along on the journey.

It is a smart strategy to increase the engagement of your followers with social media and your brand by reposting and posting user-generated content. This not only makes them feel valued and important but also creates mutual loyalty. Instagram has the highest level of interaction among all social media channels.

You Can Be The Most Insta-worthy Wines & Wine Brands

#Champagne is an incredibly popular Instagram account. It’s a great place to showcase luxury, food and wine as well as the rich traveler set. Instagram Stories and Instagram stories are able to capture the magic of Champagne. Champagne is a symbol of romance, luxury and unattainable wealth. This was possible because of carefully designed marketing and business strategies that were put in place in 1800s. Instagram has helped Champagne houses such as Perrier Jouet (144K), VeuveClicquot (279K), Bollinger (153K followers), Bollinger (153K), Krug (203K followers), Taittinger (121K) blossom.

Instagram’s glitter and shine, its curated content and visual foundation make it the ideal platform to promote Champagne’s mysteriously delicious appeal. Look up the main #champagne hashtag to see the world of celebrities and rich people lounging on yachts with beautiful brides sipping fizz from sun-soaked chateaus and vineyards. You can also find exclusive parties in remote locations like Monte Carlo or the Maldives. Champagne and each of its houses are selling a story about elite indulgence. Celebrities, athletes, and everyday people will be seen shaking bottles of champagne at gleeful celebrations.

Colorado is home to one of the most popular Instagram wine brand stories. One of the most high-altitude wineries and vineyards in North America is the Storm Cellar in Paonia, Colorado. They are relatively new to the scene and produce exceptional white and rose wine in an inhospitable climate and a short, volatile growing season. Instagram Stories and Instagram Stories have shared every moment of their heartbreaking and joyous story. Instagram is a hub for every disappointment, every event, and every addition to the Storm Cellar family (chickens or puppies).

Storm Cellar lost vines due to frost and phytolloxera. They have had to endure crippling pandemic-related shut downs and have been forced to pivot frequently as a new company. This small winery was featured on the Wall Street Journal’s Lifestyle Section, in Wine Spectator twice, in Food & Wine Magazine and Spoke & Blossom Magazine. It also appeared in a John Deere national commercial. Numerous gold and silver medals have been given to their small-production wines in competitions across the country. Their wines have been poured at the James Beard Awards dinner. The Storm Cellar has over 3000 business and 10,000 personal followers. It is an incredible Instagram success story.