Pietro Marini Torrontes 2019 was awarded a Silver Medal by a panel high-profile wine industry experts. Pietro Marini Torrontes 2019 received a silver medal from a panel of high-profile wine industry judges. They scored well in three categories: Quality, Value, and Packaging.

The ultimate seal of approval is winning a Silver medal in the USA wine rating competition. This is proof that Pietro Marini Torrontes 2019 has high-quality wines with wide consumer appeal.

The USA Wine Ratings competition has one guiding principle: All wines that are awarded medals should be ones that consumers want to purchase, regardless of whether they are buying wine from a store or dining out. The USA Wine Ratings competition created a new 100-point rating system. It takes into consideration three criteria (Quality Value and Packaging), rather than winemaking technique or overall flavor.

A wine must score at least 80 points to be awarded a Silver medal. To receive a Gold medal, it must score at least 90 points. Pietro Marini Torrontes 2019 was awarded 89 points. This is the highest level of the silver medal. It also received a (V. Value score of 92) and a (Q. Quality score of (88).

Andres Nanni (Salta Argentina), owner of Bodega El Transito said, “We’re really thrilled that our Pietro Marini Torrontes ranked so high on the various factors that affect the drinkability of wine.” “We put a lot emphasis on creating wines with good typicity and wine drinkers can enjoy them for many occasions. This award really validates our winemaking skills.”

Sid Patel (CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network) stressed the importance of finding wines with high scores across all three categories. “We believe that it offers an extensive, comprehensive approach to evaluating wine the same way consumers and trade buyers do.”

Patel stated that wine consumers now think of wines as brands. This is just as they think about any other product in a supermarket. Packaging & Presentation was a crucial judging criteria. It means that wine is created with a particular customer or demographic in view.

The panel of judges included experts in wine buying, master sommeliers, and masters wine. High-profile judges ensured that medalist wines in competition had high commercial appeal.

About Bodega El Transito

Bodega El Transito is located in Cafayate at more than 6,000 feet above the sea level in the north-western Province of Salta. It produces high-altitude wines that have been awarded globally. The El Transito winemaking tradition dates back to the 19th century, when Pietro Marini, the current owner, immigrated from Italy and settled in Cafayate. It has been passed down to the fourth generation by Andres Nanni, a highly skilled vintner.

Information about USA Wine Ratings

This July, the 4th Annual USA wine rating competition was held in San Francisco. The three criteria used to evaluate the winners were Quality, Value, and Packaging. Each winner was given a score of 100 points. Beverage Trade Network (BTN) is the organizer of this event. It hosts industry events all over the globe and has media assets and platforms that connect the drinks industry worldwide.