The USA Wine Ratings will see the best wines from the world compete for attention. This fourth-year event has seen record entry for 2020, increased recognition worldwide, and the launch of a new consumer website, The Los Angeles Drinks Guide. The organizers launched the website to promote the wineries, brands and importers that win medals and trophies at the event.

Knowing that you are one of the top wine rating agencies in America is a huge advantage when it comes to competing for shelf space at the most prestigious outlets in the USA. This is what’s up for grabs at the 2021 USA Wine Ratings. Submissions closed June 30, 2021.

The judges are composed of the most prominent wine buyers, sommeliers and master sommeliers from the USA.

The judges will be able to assess your products by tasting, sipping, and judging them.

Some other new initiatives

Upon announcement of the results for 2021, entrants will be provided with tasting notes and shelf talker templates. The shelf talkers are free to all entrants.


Wines are evaluated on their taste, quality, price, packaging, design, and overall appearance. Before a medal is awarded, all these factors are considered. This is how the consumer purchases.

The following is how the judging works: Q (Quality Score), Value Score (V), Package Score (P), = USA Wine Ratings Score.

Each of the three components of the judging process receives a separate weighted score (Quality is twice as heavy).