Bodegas Garcia de Olano is a Spanish family-run winery. It produces 3 de Olano Selection 2016. It has a long tradition in winemaking, which dates back generations. FERNANDO GARCIA DE OLANO was founded in 1990 by FERNANDO GARCIA DE OLANO and FERNANDO. JOSE LUIS, JORGE and FERNANDO all gained momentum. 

The winery’s vineyards are located in various districts within the Rioja Alavesa area. 90% of these grapes are from the Tempranillo variety. Top-quality tempranillo 3 de Olano Selection 2016 was awarded a gold medal with 94 points out of 100 at the 2020 USA Wine Ratings San Francisco.

17 by Pinea

Vicente Pliego founded pine and Hugo T. Del Pozzo, located in Spain’s most important winemaking region, Ribera del Duero. Their goal was to create wines that are both energizing and uplifting. 17 from Pinea is exactly what they wanted. Pine wines are made by highly-passionate winemaking experts led by Isaac Fernandez, a renowned winemaker from Spain.

“Isaac, one of Spain’s brightest young winesmaking stars,” – Wine Spectator

Exceptional winemakers created 17 by Pinea. It is a vibrant-coloured, clean and medium-high-intensity wine. This wine reflects the winery’s meticulous attention to viticulture. This Tempranillo was praised by judges at 2020 USA Wine Ratings for its clear personality. It went on to win a gold medal with 94 points. Below are the tasting notes of the judges.

Taste notes:

“The wine is full of ripe flavours and berry fruits. The palate is elegant and smooth. The wine has vanilla notes and warm baking spices. Pleasant aromas of ash and cigar box. This wine is great with bbq.


Remember how we mentioned 2017 was an important year for the Pinea team? PINEA, the winery’s flagship wine, was one of those important events.

PINEA results from a passion for viticulture, careful grape selection and meticulous attention to every detail during winemaking. Grapes were sourced from estate vineyards with vines ranging in age from 20 to 90+. PINEA’s complexity and elegance resulted from high-quality vinification and patient ageing. The wine’s pleasure was evident to the judges, who awarded it a high score (92) and a gold medal. Here are the tasting notes.

Taste notes:

“Black fruit with pleasant notes of chocolate and sweet tobacco. Warm baking spices, vanilla and a hint of dill are all present. The fruit is both juicy and ripe, and it’s also dry. Very complex and food-friendly wine.

Vina Valoria 1982

Vina Valoria’s producer Bodegas Valoria S.L transports us back to 1860 when the Perez Foncea families established the first winery in Fuenmayor. This is one of the most important towns in La Rioja Alta. It is the only Rioja firm that can sell “old vintages” dating back to 1980. International wine experts recognize their vintages yearly, and USA Wine Ratings is just one of them.

Bodegas Valoria, a Spanish winery, won a gold medal last year for its outstanding quality, design and value. The tasting notes of the judging panel were as follows.

Taste notes:

“Older wine” contains secondary flavours like sweet tobacco, leather, and soy sauce. This wine is rich in dried fruit, such as dried strawberries. The wine has a good ageing potential thanks to its supple tannins.

Coventina Vineyards 2015 Tempranillo Reserve

Part science, part art and all attention go into making great wine. This vision is that of Coventina Vineyards. They are the producers of our gold medalist Coventina Tempranillo Reserve 2015. Their success is due to their decisions, such as the correct orientation of the vines in their field and the selection of the right wood for the barrels, and all other aspects of making high-quality wines.

Our winner is bolder and bigger with more oak influence. It’s darker, fruitier and has a lot of tannins that give structure to the wine. Here’s what the judges said about this Tempranillo at our 2020 event.

Taste notes:

This wine is a combination of strawberries, cherries, and cranberries. This wine has a pleasant earthiness thanks to the combination of leather, sweet tobacco, and spice. The palate feels velvety, and the tannins are almost like velvet.

Lleiroso Reserva 2014

Lleiroso Reserve 2014 Spanish winery Bodegas Lleiroso and Bornos get their amazing quality from their ageing or 12 months in new French oak barrels. This wine is complex and deep in colour. It is full of balsamic and spice.

This Tempranillo was awarded 92 points and a gold medal at 2020 USA Wine Ratings. Below are the comments of our judges on Tempranillo.

Taste notes:

“Aromatic and very pleasant, elegant notes of rose petals and mushrooms. Red currant, tomato leaf and black tea flavours.

3 de Olano Crianza 2015

3 de Olano crianza (2015) is also one the gold winners in our competition from the same producer 3 de Olano Selection 2016 Bodegas Garcia de Olano.

This is a single variety, old vine tempranillo aged in French oak for 12 years. This is what gives the wine its unique colour. You can read the judges’ tasting notes by going to the next section.

Taste notes:

“The wine is rich in American oak and flavoured clove, vanilla, and toasted notes. It has a savoury, dusty component. The fruit is both fresh and dried.